At Khan Diamonds, we understand that every customer has a unique taste and a unique jewelry requirement. To fulfill them we provide state of the art custom jewelry designing services using the latest technologies along with our master craftsmen and precise attention to every detail! Whether you want a completely new jewelry piece designed and created or want to customize any existing jewelry piece, we will do it for you! Our expert jewelry designers and manufacturers will work closely with you throughout the process to make sure that the jewelry is made according to your choice and specifications.

Custom Make

Professional Cleaning Inspection

With our Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, the possibilities are endless. We will create a 3D model of the jewelry which will look just like the finished product so that you can visualize what the jewelry will look like when it is made. If there are any deviations, we can correct them and make any necessary changes before printing out its wax model. Once, the wax model is approved by you, we will go ahead and cast it in the finest quality metal of your choice and finish it with polishing and rhodium plating (if required). Hence, we turn your jewelry dreams into reality so that you can enjoy wearing it for a lifetime!

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Custom Made Engagement Rings

Ready to pop the question? Looking for a special and unique engagement ring to make the moment even more magical? Khan Diamonds is here to help you! Visit our store located in Boston’s Downtown Crossing to check out our custom made engagement rings and find the perfect one for that special someone in your life. Being a BBB-accredited business, we focus on every tiny aspect of each of our gems to make sure that you find a gemstone ring that fits your needs and budget.

From simple yet beautiful solitaires to magnificent halos to gorgeous three-stones, we have a wide variety of custom made engagement rings for you to choose from. The friendly in-store sales professionals at Khan Diamonds will guide and help you pick the best one according to your preferences.

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