Jewelry Appraisals

Wondering how much your jewelry is really worth? It pays to find out. At Khan Diamonds, we offer accurate, reliable jewelry appraisal services. Whether you’re looking to investigate a family heirloom or need an appraisal on a newly purchased piece, we’re at your service.

At Khan Diamonds, our goal is to make the jewelry appraisal process simple and stress-free from start to finish. We have the equipment and skills to evaluate a wide range of stones and materials. Need an appraisal to submit to your insurance company?/p>

We’ll present our findings in a clear, concise fashion. And if you have questions about your jewelry, we’ll be happy to offer your answers.

If you’re looking for jewelry appraisal services in Boston, MA, come to us for the answers you need.

We will give a free verbal Appraisal to establish which items need to be appraised.

Quick Insurance Replacement Quotes.

Determined authenticity of precious metals, diamonds and colored gemstones. Generated appraisals and value of jewelry items for various purposes and functions. (i.e.) Insurance Retail Replacement, Estate, Liquidations, Marriage dissolution, collateral loan, etc.

Portable gemological equipment allows for the appraisal, gemstone identification and consultation of customer’s jewelry in the privacy and security of the location of their choice. (i.e.) home, bank, insurance agency or lawyer’s office, etc. No need for jewelry to be out of your site. No need to leave precious heirloom jewelry at a jewelry store for days or weeks at a time. Most Appraisals are done while you wait, Quotes are given before the start of appraisals.

Want to get accurate appraisals for your jewelry? call or stop by today for more information.

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