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Jewelry Repair

Fine jewelry is prone to wear, so always have your fine jewelry checked by a jeweler every year. If you are considering getting your ring or bracelet repaired, trust in the skills of your jewelers. Some jewelry shops train jewelry craftsmen to carry out in-house repairs, while some offer custom-made design work. If you have not yet come into contact with a trusted jeweler, you can come To Khan Diamonds.


Our jewelry repair services include, but are not limited to:

Ring Sizing

If the ring you got doesn’t fit you well, you can get it to us. Our in-house expert professionals will properly size the ring to make sure that it fits properly so that you can enjoy wearing it.

Custom Engraving

One of the best ways to make a gift even meaningful is by getting an intimate message or a special date custom engraved on it. We will gladly do it for you to make your gift memorable.

Stone Replacement

Lost a precious stone in your jewelry? Don't worry! At Khan Diamonds, we will find a suitable location for a lost gem and place it in jewelry to make it look as beautiful as new.


Want to get a new look for your precious jewelry or lose the jewel of your jewelry? Just choose the stone of your choice and our experts will carefully remind you of your jewelry to make it look new again.

Clasps Replacement

A broken clasp leaves your jewelry unprotected and is likely to get lost. At Khan Diamonds, we will replace the broken clasp with a new one to make your jewelry secure again.

Bracelet Repair

Can't wear your favorite bracelet because it's broken or damaged? Bring it to us, and we will prepare it for you. Our technicians will repair it and replace the broken parts so you can put it on again.

Chain Repairs

Want to put on your broken chain again? Bring to Khan Diamonds! We have jewelry repair specialists who will inspect your series to find damaged or broken parts and repair them properly.

Watch Repairs And Bands

At Khan Diamonds, we not only fix jewelry, but we also look at watches. Whether it’s broken glass, damaged travel parts or worn-out belts, we’ll take care of them all so you can put on your beloved watch again.

Pearl Stringing

Regular wearing of pearl jewelry can make the strings loose not only prevent the beauty of the jewelry but also cause the pearls to scratch each other's faces and ultimately damage them. At Khan Diamonds, we offer excellent pearl retrieval services to make your pearl jewelry look beautiful again

Retipping Prongs

Fabric fabrics can wear out for a long time leaving the gemstone less secure and you can lose the gemstone. That’s why we recommend our customers to have their prongs tested and re-delivered from time to time. Our experts will also give you a prong to make sure your gemstone is safe as well.

For all your jewelry repair needs, please feel free to visit our store or Contact Us

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