Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab created diamonds, also known as engineered or cultured diamonds, are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. Created Diamonds are chemically, physically and optically exactly the same as mined diamonds and are real diamonds. The only difference is the point of origin.

Much like mined diamonds, cultured diamonds are priced based on their quality characteristics. Use the tool below to view our diamond pricing.

All our lab grown diamonds are certified by independent diamond grading laboratories such as International Gemological Institution (IGI) & Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL). The certificates issued are identical to mined diamond certificates with grading of the 4C’s- Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat. We are proud of our laboratory grown diamonds and every certified stone has a “LAB GROWN” laser inscription on the girdle for full disclosure.

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